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TV shows & Specials

A&E Biography
ABC Silver Anniversary Special
America 2 Night
American Dad
The Beverly HIllbillies - Jed Inherits a Castle (1967)
Bewitched - A Bunny for Tabitha (1969)
Bewitched - Driving Is The Only Way To Fly
Bewitched - Samantha Loses Her Voice (1968)
Bewitched - Samantha's Power Failure (1969)
Bewitched - Super Arthur (1970)
Bewitched - The Joker Is A Card (1965)
Bewitched - The No Harm Charm (1968)
Bewitched - Twitch or Treat (1966)
Burke's Law - Who Killed Cable Roberts?
Burke's Law - Who Killed Mr. Colby in Ladies Lingerie?
Burke's Law - Who Killed Merlin the Great?
The Dinah Shore Show
The Flying Nun - The Return of Father Lundigan (1968)
Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour
Henry Fonda & The Family
Hollywood Palace Page 1
Hollywood Squares (Zingers) Page 1
Hollywood Squares Party Edition
I've Got A Secret
I Dream Of Jeannie - My Master The Rich Tycoon
Jackie Gleason Show
Love, American Style
The Mothers-In-Law (1968)
The Munsters - Low Cal Munster (1964)
The Munsters - Rock-a-Byel Munster (1964)
Patty Duke Show - The Genius
The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (1976)


Beach Blanket Bingo
Bewitched - The Movie (2005)
Bye Bye Birdie
For Those Who Think Young
Gidget Gets Married
Gidget Grows Up
Glass Bottom Boat
How Sweet It Is
Rabbit Test
Son of Flubber
Under the Yum Yum Tree
The Villain (1979)


New Faces of 1952
Queer Duck
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