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Since this site is being migrated from the old version, there's a reasonable chance you may find something wonky.  IE, links to wrong pages, displayed wonky, incorrect info, etc.  I try to carefully check things, but I'm sure there will be things that slip through.  Feel free to contact me (webmistress@PaulLynde.info) if you find something wrong or not working correctly.  Thank you!

3/25/17 - Migrated from old site: Love, American Style, Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, America 2 Night, some audio files, Recently Released - Paul's Comedy Album, photos from the Michael Airington collection (and added some new ones), Trouble In the Tulip Bed, Paul's gravesite, Glen Campbell script, Star Wars Spoof script, Paul Lynde Comedy Hour script, Kraft Music Hall script, Queer Duck, added new pages: Janet Waldo, Stu Shostak, Added new photos & info regarding "The Paul Lynde Show Starring Michael Airington"  A&E Biography

3/18/17 - Migrated from old site: Low Cal Munster clips, Rock-a-Bye Munster clip, The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, American Dad, Wes Osborn interview, Castle Dracula, minor cosmetic changes to other, existing pages.

3/10/17 -
Migrated from old site: three of Paul's college yearbooks (Syllabus 1946, Syllabus 1947, Syllabus 1948), added a few new photos to some of the yearbook (Syllabus) pages, added a new clip to the Jan Forbes page, Flying Nun clip, That Girl Clip, Mothers-In-Law clips, minor cosmetic changes to other, existing pages.

- launch of entirely revamped website that is more tablet/phone friendly.  HOWEVER, there was so much content on the old site, that the newly launched site is still very much under construction.  Eventually, all the content that was on the old site will be on the new one. AND... new clips will be added, too!  I wanted to run the old one simultaneously, but Google tagged it as potentially hacked.  I don't think it was, but after several attempts at fixing it, I couldn't get them to remove the tag.  :-(  So please bear with me as I flesh out the new website. 
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