Queer Duck

"Queer Duck" was a series of adult themed, cartoon shorts. The characters are all gay & the four main characters are Queer Duck, Openly Gator, Oscar Wildcat & Bi Polar Bear. And they live on Castro Street!!!  A movie was also released on DVD in the summer of 2006. Bi Polar Bear sounds a lot like Paul (including the hearty laugh) & there are multiple "Paul" references. IE, Bi Polar Bear is "lazy & crazy" (Paul's Broadway hit song, "Kids!" (from "Bye Bye Birdie") describes kids as "noisy, crazy, sloppy, lazy.") In one scene, Bi Polar Bear says he is watching a Halloween Special. (Paul's Halloween Special is a cult classic.) And finally, Bi Polar Bear has a recurring dream that is straight (so to speak) out of Hollywood Squares!  Watch the clip below to find out what it is!
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