The ABC Silver Anniversary Special

The ABC Silver Anniversary Special. This clip includes several brief glimpses of Paul (his Halloween Special was the first show featured!) and brief glimpses of a myriad of other stars including Billie Hayes (who is shown next to Chuck Connors when he's singing badly) who worked with Paul in  New Faces of 1956 and his Halloween Special , Tom Bosley (who worked with Paul in a Kraft Music Hall  and an episode of "The Paul Lynde Show", Cesar Romero, Barry Manilow, Toni Tennille, Kate Jackson, Cheryl Ladd, John Waye, Gabe Kaplin, Marcia Strassman, Harriet Nelson, Fred MacMurray, Ken Berry, Ray Bolger, Marlo Thomas, Hal Linden, Gavin MacLeod, Ron Howard, Redd Foxx, Ernest Borgnine and Ed McMahon, just to name a few!
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