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Rare clips!!!
TVLand's 100 Most UN-Expected Moments - #84 - Paul Lynde on "The Dating Game"!!! With Jim Lange & Rose Marie.
"Swell, Wasn't It?" - with Elise Rhodes, Bill Conlon & unidentified piano player.  This is thought to be the earliest film of Paul in existence.  It was a film short from 1952 & Paul (shown above in the middle) plays a bartender.  (NOTE: The New Faces  movie was not filmed until 1954, which means this footage predates the New Faces [of 1952] movie.)
"Crossword" (game show pilot) with Tippi Hedrin (Melanie Griffith's mother) and host, George Fenneman
"Win With The Stars" (Allen Ludden calls Paul, "Carl"!)
"Fractured Flickers" with Hans Conreid (the voice of Snidley Whiplash (among many others))