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New faces of 1956 - The Shubert Theatre

Some familiar faces in the photo below are Maggie Smith & Billie Hayes.  Ok, so maybe Ms. Hayes' face is not terribly familiar, since she's well known as Witchiepoo, so she's in the third row from the top, first one on the left.  According to the playbill, Ms. Hayes "Met Paul Lynde, sketch director, while touring the elite boites with a tab revue, "What's New."  He recommended her to Mr. Sillman for "New Faces of '56."  Click here to see clips of The Paul Lynde Halloween Special with Billy Hayes reprising her role as Witchiepoo!

Also noteworthy, The "Darts" skit mentioned below was co-written by Paul.  He recreated the skit on "Hollywood Palace" with Elizabeth Montgomery".
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At left is a photo taken of Paul, by a fan, on June 2, 1978.  It's at the Shubert Theatre (notice sign in back!) where Paul had (years earlier) appeared in "Bye, Bye Birdie".