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Art Vuolo & Ray Glasser

In the spring/summer of 2008, my fellow Lynde fan, Mary Lou, directed my attention to a very rare clip on Youtube of Paul Lynde, doing the weather!!!! (Say, what???) Yes, Paul doing the weather. I contacted the person who posted it. Ray Glasser had originally posted the clip which he received from his friend Art Vuolo. I then contacted Art who, believe it or not, had originally recorded this on a Betamax!!! He was kind enough to send a copy to me on DVD, along with some other clips, including another couple of very rare clips. One is a clip of Peter Marshall & Paul Lynde on the Dinah Shore show & the other one is of Paul's second appearance on "The Tonight Show" (he only appeared twice - both appearances were within ten days of each other!) Great big smooches & thanks go out to Ray & Art for all their help & for allowing me to use these clips on this site & thanks to Mary Lou for bringing this to my attention!
A clip from Paul's second appearance on "The Tonight Show" (Joan Rivers hosted.) Find the answer to "Did Paul watch himself on Hollywood Squares?"! Thanks go out to Art Vuolo for this clip!
A clip of Peter Marshall & Paul Lynde on "The Dinah Shore Show". Thanks go out to Art Vuolo for this clip!
Paul doing the weather?!?!?!?! When doing summer stock, Paul appeared on WSPD, Ch. 13, in Toledo, OH along with Randy Price & Jennifer Blome. Thanks go out to Art Vuolo & Ray Glasser for this clip!