Michael Airington (also known as Ester Goldberg) has revived Paul Lynde's 1976 one man touring nightclub act, "The Paul Lynde Show".  (Not to be cOnFuSeD with the television series of the same name.)  This was due to a lucky twist of fate and eBay (Ya gotta love eBay!) where he won an auction (for $112!!!!) for a box that had "The Paul Lynde Show" painted on the side.  The box was found in an abandoned building in Hollywood and contained the charts, music and comedy for the show.  (Including NOTES MADE IN PAUL'S OWN HANDWRITING!!!!)  The newly restaged show has played in West Hollywood (2004), Palm Springs (2005) and will soon be available, for your viewing pleasure at Bally's in Las Vegas!!!  Many of Paul's friends have seen the show & have been involved in the project including Peter Marshall (who has recorded voice-overs which are integral to the show), Kaye Ballard and Cloris Leachman, so it should be a wonderful show. 

Michael owns the rights to Paul's life story and currently has several other Paul Lynde projects in the works including a television special and a feature film on Paul's life.

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Photos & videos courtesy of Michael Airington

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Michael Airington
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Past clips & videos from "The Paul Lynde Show Starring Michael Airington"

An Interview with Michael Airington (May/June 2005)

Michael Airington in an episode of "Archie Bunker's Place"
The Master of The Hollywood Squares Peter Marshall, the legendary Rose Marie...and Michael Airington as Paul Lynde after the show on June 17, 2004
Here's Michael with one of Paul's best friends, Jan Forbes.  She's seen in the A & E Biography of Paul. (Click here to hear Jan reading one of her favorite poems Paul wrote.)  Michael is holding one of Paul's Emmys!!!!
Here's a clip from one of Michael's past performances as Paul!
Here's another clip from Michael's performance where he's doing a routine from Paul's album, "Recently Released"